Three Ways Retails Can Stand Out This Black Friday

The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter, which can only mean one thing: autumn is here! As temperatures begin to drop, many marketing teams will be trying to figure out the best way to approach Black Friday. But at the busiest time of year for retail companies, how can your brand stand out?


Research from Think With Google has found in recent years that shoppers start their research up to four weeks before Black Friday, planning gift purchases and seeking out the best bargains:

This year, to combat the increasing cost of living, it’s even more likely that many consumers will be tightening their belt or looking to spread out their purchases. Amazon leaned into this trend this year with its two-day Prime Early Access Sale, which started six weeks before Black Friday to help customers spread out their seasonal spending. Other brands may also find that running longer discounts starting before or after Black Friday could give customers more time to research and discover your offers. This could also help you to stand out from the noise during what Google describes as “the craze”.


With so many discounts around, it can be hard to capture consumer attention. One retailer who often takes an innovative approach to Black Friday is the online retailer Buy Me Once, who stock clothing and lifestyle products with a durable shelf life. Last year, for example, they offered customers the chance to get a good deal on a products they actually wanted with their “Ten Things That Last” Black Friday campaign. The retailer sent out a survey to its customers to vote for the products they really wanted, but were struggling to afford. The ten most requested items were then discounted for Black Friday, and customers who voted for these items were notified. This was a clever way for Buy Me Once to promote their brand ethics without missing out on the Black Friday sales boost.

Some brands have taken this even further, making a public stance against Black Friday and the associated consumerism. A number of brands have joined the Green Friday movement, which encourages companies to take more sustainable initiatives such as making a charitable donation rather than offering discounts to consumers. Last year, companies from a diverse range of industries took part in Green Friday, including Accessorize, Karen Millen, BaByliss, L’Occitane and Raleigh.


Slashing prices isn’t the only way to stand out this Black Friday and to offer customers a better deal. There has been a recent trend in secondhand shopping, to both address the cost of living crisis and also as a more sustainable choice. Data from GWI has found that purchases of secondhand goods are one of the fastest-growing online activities for Gen Z, with eBay’s partnership with Love Island resulting in 7,000% more searches for pre-loved clothing.

These secondhand shoppers often described themselves as financially secure, looking to splash out on luxury pre-owned products while also making more eco-conscious choices. Fashion brands such as H&M, Patagonia, Levi’s and Allbirds have all introduced secondhand schemes to provide significant discounts in a sustainable way, but increasingly brands from industries such as homewares, jewellery and tech are also looking at how they can get involved.

For example, last year IKEA’s Black Friday campaign was focused on its buy-back and resell scheme, offering members an additional 20% on their refund cards if they sold an item back. IKEA’s UK & Ireland Commercial Activities Leader, Anna Liakh, said, “During the busiest shopping period of the year, of course we want to offer our customers a discount which they can use and benefit from. However, it’s important that we consume thoughtfully all year round.” In this way, brands could help both customers and the planet both this Black Friday — and beyond.

Over to you

How will you be approaching Black Friday this year? Will you be having a big sale or taking a different approach?

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