TCC’s Virtual Mission

Staying Healthy
Through the Winter Months

Here at TCC, we understand that exercise isn’t just about staying in shape; it’s a game-changer for our bodies and minds. Keeping active during the colder winter months can help keep our immune systems robust and help fend off those pesky bugs, as well as releasing those feel-good endorphins, lifting our moods to combat winter blues.

Like most marketing agencies, we are a busy team that needs to be on it’s a-game all year round! So in November 2023, we signed up to My Virtual Mission, which we thought would be a fun and interactive way for us all to keep moving through the winter months and maintain team spirit.

Bringing the team together

Our employees were formed into teams, mixing and matching colleagues from different departments. We all tracked our daily activities, classes, steps – you name it! – converting it into miles on a virtual map that took us on a journey from the UK to China.

The mission sparked healthy competition and conversations amongst colleagues, as we got a peek into what activities we like to do outside of work.

Although no team made it to China (admittedly an ambitious goal on the organisers part!), our agency collectively covered a mind-blowing 4,938 miles during the 92-day challenge! We decided to add another element of fun into the mission by offering prizes for the team and individual who travelled the farthest.

Our winners!

‘The Dumpling Dashers’ team won the team challenge, travelling a total of 1,657 miles, and won a Deliveroo voucher and an engraved trophy. Well done to Dawn, Christian, Paul and Alex!

And our winning individual, Rob, clocked a whopping 627 miles! He was awarded with a personalised water bottle.

TCC: MVM Winners

Aligning with our values

Our virtual mission perfectly aligned with TCC’s core purpose of championing health and wellbeing. Beyond the virtual miles, it was a reminder to keep moving, strike that balance, and showcase that TCC is an agency that cares about the overall wellbeing of its employees.

TCC’s virtual mission was more than a fitness challenge; it was a commitment to a healthy workplace culture. As we wrap up this adventure, we’re already excited about what future initiatives will keep our team in top-notch shape, both physically and mentally.

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