Inspiration Days

Matt experiences the thrill of an immersive experience at F1 Arcade

Here at TCC, we’re all about fostering an environment that nurtures creativity and inspires a constant flow of fresh ideas. That’s why we encourage our team to step out of the office and embrace “Inspiration Days” – unique experiences that fuel our imagination and help us connect and drive fresh perspectives. The one condition: share your experience with the rest of the team!

Recently, our Senior Designer, Matt, had the chance to visit the F1 Arcade at St. Paul’s, and it proved to be a real adventure. As avid fans of Formula 1, we loved hearing all about Matt’s experience in an environment that celebrated the thrill of the race:

“The atmosphere at the F1 Arcade was electric, with ceiling lights shaped like iconic Formula 1 tracks and motivational quotes adorning the walls, transporting us straight into the heart of the racing world. The seamless booking process and the ability to pre-fill personalised driver profiles on the F1 Arcade Hub added to the overall experience, ensuring a smooth start to our adrenaline-fueled day.

The power of true immersion

Once we stepped into the simulators, we became professional F1 racers. Divided into teams, we raced against each other in a series of short but intense competitions. The live scoreboard kept us on the edge of our seats, fuelling our competitive spirit.

After the final race, the winning team was announced amidst cheers and applause, and we were ushered to a separate area to make way for the next group of racing enthusiasts. As we reflected on our experience, a few areas for improvement came to mind, including better profile management, enhanced app engagement, and improved communication regarding booking confirmations.

Despite these minor suggestions, the overall experience at the F1 Arcade was nothing short of exhilarating. The racing simulators provided an adrenaline-fueled activity, while the F1-themed decor added an authentic touch that truly immersed us in the world of racing.”

Inspiration Days

Whether it’s the thrill of a simulated race or the buzz of a vibrant retail experience, we embrace these opportunities to fuel our creative thinking and connect with our audience in innovative ways.

As we continue to forge partnerships with tech companies, high-street brands, and industry leaders, we remain committed to seeking out experiences that push the boundaries of our creativity. Through our “Inspiration Days,” we strive to cultivate an environment where our team can explore, experiment, and bring fresh perspectives. These experiences help us craft inspired solutions that resonate with our partners and their audiences.

If you’re a brand seeking a marketing partner that understands the power of inspiration and creativity, we’d be delighted to explore a partnership. Together, we can discover fresh perspectives, and craft compelling campaigns that truly connect with your audience.

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