International Confex 2024

Immersive Experiences
That Wowed

As a creative marketing agency, we’re always on the hunt for the latest innovative experiences to spark inspiration. That’s why we headed to International Confex 2024 – one of the biggest events for the meetings and events industry. Our purchasing manager Damian went along to scope out the immersive technology offerings. Here are the eye-catching activations that landed on his radar.

AI Trading Cards That’ll Make You Feel Superheroic


Who didn’t dream of having superpowers as a kid? Well, this clever AI activation let you live that fantasy by generating custom trading cards. Just enter your name, choose a theme like “superhero,” pick two powers (Damian wisely went for 67% market research skills, 33% AI abilities), and BAM – the AI whips up a printable card and shareable video of it spinning dramatically. Your origin story brought to life!

Temporary Tats Created by AI Artistry

Looking for some fresh ink without the permanent commitment? This AI tattoo generator is the answer. Select a theme (Damian opted for a fire-breathing Japanese dragon – fierce!), describe your vision, and the AI designs a wicked tattoo you can print out and apply to your skin with a sponge. A transformative experience that lasts until your next shower.

Shimmering Walls That Glisten and Glide

These shimmering wall displays had our magpie senses tingling. The flexible materials shift and ripple when air is directed at them, creating a hypnotic, eye-catching effect. Damian noted they’d be perfect for drawing crowds at events or adding flair to retail displays. Just be sure to provide cramped quarters for the crowds they’re sure to attract!

Vending Surprises with a Side of Data

Everybody loves a good vending machine experience, and this one merged physical sampling with data collection. Just enter your details on the touchscreen, answer a few questions about your preferences, and out pops a free branded treat or product sample! For brands, it’s an engaging way to distribute swag while gathering valuable consumer insights.

LED “Neon” Signs That Glow With Pizzazz

Neon signs lend any environment an instant retro vibe, but traditional glass neon is a pain (and potential safety hazard) to install. The LED neon displays at Confex were a clever workaround – lights encased in flexible silicone that can be bent into custom shapes and programmed with animations. We love the sleek, modern look of the Manchester bee design!

Eat Your Own Delicious, Sculpted Head

This one got multiple “what the…” looks from our team. Essentially, it’s a 3D chocolate printing experience where you get a scan of your head, and the machine carves an edible replica out of Belgian chocolate! Seems like an expensive way to satisfy self-cannibalistic cravings, but you can’t deny it would make a memorable corporate gift. Or just a fun excuse to quite literally eat yourself.

Between all the creative activations and tech demos, Confex left us bubbling with ideas for our clients’ upcoming experiential marketing campaigns. A huge thanks to the exhibitors who sparked our imagination – we’ll be reaching out soon to make some of this magic happen!

What immersive experiences have caught your eye recently? We’re always looking for fresh inspo, so drop a comment and share your favourites. And if you need support bringing jaw-dropping experiential visions to life, you know where to find us.

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