Breaking ground
in Build-to-Rent

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The challenge

Savills Investment Management’s unique rental-focused property development, The Pioneers, posed a marketing puzzle. With an unfamiliar target market and a product unlike anything in the area, they turned to us for a solution.

The challenge was not just about promoting properties, but crafting a lifestyle proposition that resonated with our well-defined audience.

The solution

We embarked on an extensive market research journey, delving deep into hyper-targeted demographics to discover the right audience for The Pioneers development. Armed with this knowledge, we not only tailored our social media captions but also identified opportunities for collaboration with local small businesses and forged partnerships with schools.

Utilising social media channels and implementing Google Analytics, we not only set up their online presence but also tracked engagement and refined our strategies based on concrete data. The client was empowered with the tools to understand and connect with their audience.

We supported The Pioneers with full marketing support, including logo creation, brand guidelines, website design and social media management, including paid advertising campaigns, and more.

The result

Through strategic marketing, collaboration with local entities, and a deep understanding of the target audience, we not only helped fill the rental properties, we also transformed The Pioneers from a mere development into a thriving community.

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