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The challenge

St Christopher’s Place, an iconic London shopping destination with a rich history, faced the challenge of reinventing itself for a contemporary audience while preserving its brand equity and heritage.

Our marketing agency was entrusted with the task of breathing new life into this unique quarter, creating a fresh brand identity that resonated with both locals and international visitors.

The solution

To meet this challenge, our team focused on not just reviving but reinventing the brand of St Christopher’s Place.

We embarked on a comprehensive strategy, incorporating a vibrant and modern aesthetic into every facet. This was a full marketing package, incorporating website design and paid social advertising, to signage and campaigns for Christmas, Valentines Day and Pride Month.

Our cross-platform content strategy evolved monthly to ensure St Christopher’s Place remained relevant amidst changing behaviours during uncertain times. This approach, coupled with a strong emphasis on community and tenant relationships, provided a cohesive and inviting experience.

The result

Nestled at the heart of the West End, St Christopher’s Place now stands as a vibrant destination where historic charm meets modern allure. We helped not only made it a go-to spot for relaxation and recharge but also turned it into a memorable destination for visitors.

Our agency’s meticulous organisation and strategic efforts successfully brought a contemporary and vibrant character to St Christopher’s Place, while preserving its unique heritage. The result is a transformed quarter that goes beyond being a shopping destination—it’s now a thriving community.

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