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The challenge

Moorfield, a prominent player in the student accommodation sector, approached our design team with a unique challenge: to create a distinctive identity for their flagship student accommodation site in Surrey, HOX Park.

The project involved branding 490 smart rooms, and the objective was clear – to stand out in a competitive market and justify a premium price point.

The solution

Our approach to tackling this challenge began with thorough research, delving into the preferences and expectations of our target audience. We crafted detailed customer personas to understand the aspirations and desires of prospective students seeking sophisticated accommodation. Recognising the need for a youthful and aspirational brand, we devised a strategy to set Moorfield’s offering apart from the competition.

To implement our strategy, we developed a visually striking treatment that combined vibrant colours and contemporary design. Our use of trend-led photography reinforced the aspirational nature of the brand, creating a connection with the target demographic. Crucially, we ensured the accessibility of the brand across channels that resonated with our audience, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

The result

Our bold visual treatment and strategic approach led to exceptional results for Moorfield’s flagship student accommodation.

Exceeding occupancy expectations, the success is credited to a resonant brand, capturing the youthful spirit and justifying a premium price point. This case underscores the impact of strategic design thinking, creating a compelling identity for tangible business success.

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