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The challenge

Fortress, an InsurTech & Cybersecurity App for smart devices, faced the challenge of standing out in the competitive American market while redefining the often serious and corporate image associated with insurance. Branded as “America’s fastest-growing insurance provider,” the goal was to make insurance exciting and inject a sense of playfulness into Fortress’s identity.

The solution

We began the campaign by crafting a modern, playful brand for Fortress, focusing on visuals, tonality, and personality. Our strategy included integrating mobile phones into visuals and introducing captivating characters and integrating the logo within graphics for instant recognition.

Extensive audience research shaped our go-to-market strategies, allowing us to tailor messaging effectively to the American audience. We created content and social media strategies while overseeing blog management, generating innovative content amplified through social media, and running paid advertising to drive app downloads and conversions.

The result

Our comprehensive approach resulted in heightened brand awareness, establishing Fortress as a vibrant and innovative choice in phone insurance. Through strategic social media campaigns, creative content, and a deep understanding of the American audience, we transformed Fortress into a compelling and recognisable brand in the competitive insurance landscape.

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