A Fresh Approach to Student Accommodation Marketing

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The challenge

Collegiate, a UK-based student accommodation provider, recognised the need to revamp their marketing approach to attract more students and stay relevant to their target audience. They approached us as their creative marketing agency, seeking to refresh their social media assets and website landing pages to better resonate with the modern student lifestyle.

The solution

TCC collaborated closely with Collegiate to develop a creative campaign that would effectively engage their target audience. We conducted internal brainstorming sessions to gain insights into student life and preferences, as well as thorough research into the target market and competitors. Through extensive consultation with our creative teams, we developed the “Room to…” concept, which formed the basis of Collegiate’s new social media campaign.

We created over 100 different types of social media assets, ensuring a diverse and engaging content mix. Additionally, we redesigned Collegiate’s website landing page banners to align with the fresh, student-centric aesthetic.

Building on the success of the social media campaign, we extended the “Room to…” concept to an out-of-home advertising campaign in Nottingham, Coventry, and Norwich. Leveraging our internal expertise and knowledge, we not only handled the creative execution but also took on the campaign’s implementation.

The result

Collegiate’s management team unanimously praised the new look and feel of the marketing assets, with a Senior Executive stating,

“Shared with our senior management team this morning who all loved it.”

The fresh, student-centric approach successfully captured the attention of Collegiate’s target audience.

The out-of-home advertising campaign generated over 2,980,000 impressions. The “Room to…” concept, carried across social media and outdoor advertising, provided a cohesive and memorable brand experience for students.

Through our strategic insights, creative expertise, and comprehensive campaign execution, TCC helped Collegiate successfully revamp their marketing strategy to attract more students and establish a strong presence in the competitive student accommodation market.

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