Helping Allsop take flight with The Hawkings

Branding | Digital Marketing

The challenge

Allsop, a leading property consultancy, created ‘The Hawkings’, a project of new build 2, 3 and 4 bed houses available for rent in Alconbury Weald, Cambridgeshire. Built on a former RAF base, the development needed a strong brand identity and an effective marketing campaign to attract potential renters and establish a strong presence in the local community.

The solution

Having worked in partnership with Allsop by successfully launching Pioneers, we were entrusted with creating the brand, visualising digital strategy and managing ATL. Our team designed a fresh, modern logo incorporating hawk wings, sky views, and colours to pay homage to the development’s RAF roots. The versatile design elements were repurposed across multiple channels to maintain a consistent brand identity.

We provided consultative support and implemented a full 360 digital strategy, including full web redesign and launching socials, developing a comprehensive social media strategy.

“Rent easy, live better” was created to emphasise the simplicity and convenience of renting at The Hawkings. Our team produced a range of engaging iconography that could be utilised across various platforms to keep content fresh and appealing.

The result

The Hawkings campaign achieved excellent results, with META adverts successfully engaging a relevant audience in the Alconbury Weald area who were interested in renting. The strong engagement on social media and the effective marketing strategies led to the successful rental of the properties. The Hawkings development has become a thriving community, with Allsop establishing a strong presence in Alconbury Weald.

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